Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Off to Spoonfest

This weekend is the first international Spoonfest, being held in Edale. Spooncarvers from around the world (although I imagine British carvers will make up most of the numbers) will gather to attend workshops, listen to talks, play with shiny new tools and carve lots and lots of lovely spoons.
I will be in attendance and I am thoroughly excited by the line-up of guest talkers and workshop holders. There are quite a few 'big' names from the relatively small world of spoon carving and green woodworking. There will be Robin Wood, Barn the Spoon, Jogge Sundqvist and Mike Abbot to name but a few. The full line-up can be seen on the website (just click on the image).
From the Spoonfest I'll be heading on up to Scotland. There will be a couple of days in Edinburgh for the craziness of the Fringe festival before heading into the Highlands to see Ben Nevis, Loch Ness and the Cairngorms.