Friday, 31 July 2015

Madison, Wisconsin

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I've just moved to Madison, Wisconsin. I've been here in the States for almost two weeks now, enjoying getting to know the city a little more.

Packing up my life from England was a little stressful, but I think I had my priorities right when deciding on what to bring!

I've also been quick to mark my territory in the cutlery drawer. 

Along with some of my own spoons there are spoons I own from some great craftspeople back on the other side of the Atlantic. Here's my collection laid out. Clockwise from the top we have a Barn the Spoon, a Jane Mickelborough, a Jojo Wood, a Sean Hellman, a Tom Standen, a Simon Hill, a Chris Allen and a Steve Tomlin.

I also shipped over a collection of some of my own spoons. Really looking forward to adding to these soon.