Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sharpening in the sunshine

Some of my tools were starting to get a little dull, so I've spent most of the morning putting an edge back on them. I use sandpaper wrapped around wood working through 150, 320, 600 and 1000 grit before a final strop using autosol as the honing compound. Not all my tools needed all the grits, for example, the Nic Westermann chip carving knife only needed the 1000 grit and stropping


  1. Hi. Can you tell me where you got your large spoon/hook knife? I'd like to get one but haven't been able to find anyone making/selling them.

    1. Sure thing, you can buy the blade direct from the maker here: but you have to fit the handle yourself. It's a joy to use!

  2. Hi Tom

    the slojd knife in the bottom pic… is that a NicW one?

    if so, is it the laminated or standard one?

    and last question :-) how do you find it? as I am considering lashing out and getting his rather than a Mora 106.

    cheers from Oz
    (the one you so kindly sent 2 Barn spoons to last year which are in use for our daily porridge :-)

  3. Hi Trevor,

    In the bottom pic the middle knife is a Mora 106 blade with a handle I made for it from oak. The right most knife is a Nic Westermann detail carving blade and it works great.

    I've been tempted by his sloyd blades too, but can't quite justify yet another carving knife!

    I'm sure someone on the spoon carving facebook page ( uses a Nic Westermann blade and will be able to offer you an opinion on it.

  4. thanks Tom… I did not think it was possible to have too many knives :-)