Monday, 21 July 2014

Wonky Sweet Chestnut Spoon

This came from a naturally bent branch I came across in my local woodland. After splitting out the blank I decided that the handle should follow the flow of the grain.

I often finding myself working hard to maintain symmetry in the work I do. This was a fun diversion. Jogge Sundqvist, a brilliant woodworker from Sweden said that 'form follows fiber'. It wouldn't have been too difficult to cut across the grain and create a straight(er) handle, but as the curve of the bowl was already waiting in the wood to be revealed, I wanted the shape of the handle to emerge naturally too. I also wanted to keep the bark on. I'm not sure how long it will stay on, but I like the way it adds to the natural shape of the spoon, a utensil already in a branch, ready to be released with a few simple tools.


  1. Great spoon! And thanks for posting a link to your blog on the greenwoodworking group.

    1. Thanks Eric. No problem, there's a lot of inspiration in that group.