Saturday, 16 August 2014

Hewing Out A Beech Bowl

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I brought home a large beech log from Spoonfest, with the intention of making some bowls from it. So after a particularly hectic week, here's the first of hopefully several bowls this log will provide.

It's a lot of fun working on a bigger project like this. I do however want to make sure I have it ready for drying by the end of the weekend, as I already have about three bowls that have dried before I've got them to where I wanted to get them. They've all been sitting untouched for a while now. Should probably get round to finishing them soon!

Here's what I managed to get done today. Hopefully I can show you the (almost) finished product tomorrow.
Took a while to saw through

Looks great on the inside

I was surprised at how easily it split.
I used the left half, the right half has a large knot on the outside

Learnt this technique of drawing an oval from David Fisher's video.

Hewing out with my Hans Karlsson adze

The inside all roughed out. 

I used a Hans Karlsson gouge to remove the adze marks. 

Using a Svante Djarv little Viking axe to rough out the outside.

After about 4 hours work I decided to stop here. More tomorrow!