Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Essex Wildlife Trust Woodland Management Day

Through the volunteering I do for the Essex Wildlife Trust , I ended up being invited along to their Woodland Management Day at Belfair's Woodland Centre. I'd quote forgotten about it until the email reminder I received on Tuesday saying they were looking forward to seeing me on Sunday. 

Last week was a bit of a busy one, as my day job had me traveling around the country quite a bit. It wasn't until Friday evening that I had the time to start preparing stuff for my stall.

Spoons I have lying around

Fortunately I have a fair amount of spoons and such lying around. Unfortunately they tend to be in various stages of completion. So on Friday night I got them all together and start to finish off the ones that needed the least work.

A little decoration.
All I did to this elm burr scoop was sand it. First spoon I've sanded for years!

I ended up with about 30 spoons in a state I was happy to try and sell them. On Saturday I had quite a few other tasks that needed to get done but I managed to write out price tags for all the stock.

Priced up and ready to go
On the day itself, the weather was abysmal. It was cold and raining hard. Unsurprisingly not a whole lot of people were inspired to head out into the woods so the turn out was a little poor. Fortunately for me, I was only there for fun and spent pretty much all of my time carving, drinking tea and chatting to interesting folk. Which made it a very enjoyable Sunday for me. The Trust will be running another woodland management day in March. I'll definitely be attending, and for them, I hope the weather is a little fairer.
My stall.

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